State Representative Brian Banks (D-Harper Woods) announced his concern today regarding the recent legislative decision to eliminate a judge from the Detroit 36th District Court despite a severe backlog of cases and long lines of citizens waiting to be served.

“It has been noted that the 36th District Court is one of the busiest courts in the nation,” said Banks. “The elimination of a judge from this court is a sever disservice to Detroit residents. This is one more way Republicans in the Legislature are stripping Detroiters of the justice they deserve.”

In its analysis of Michigan’s courts, before the decision to eliminate the judge was made, the Michigan Supreme Court indicated that the Detroit 36th District Court was at least two judges short, while 17 other courts had an excess of judges.

“I am outraged that Detroit has fallen victim, yet again, to Republican ignorance and disregard for what is arguably our state’s most important city,” Banks said. “If we want Michigan to succeed, we have to support Detroit. Sadly, it is clear that this is not on the Republican-led Legislature’s agenda.”