ANN ARBOR — State Representatives Jeff Irwin (Ann Arbor) and David E. Rutledge (Ypsilanti) hosted an informative town hall last night on Michigan’s new tax laws, focusing on the new three-tiered pension tax. Residents were given the opportunity to ask questions on the recent changes to the state tax structure, connect with resources that might be helpful as they prepare for the new tax system, and share their thoughts on the new tax burden imposed on Michigan families. Irwin and Rutledge were joined by expert panelists Mitch Bean of Great Lakes Economic Consulting and Felicia Wasson with AARP of Michigan.

“I opposed this new tax on pensions and I’m disappointed that Michigan Republicans raised taxes on Michigan’s middle class families so that they could lower taxes for the wealthy,” remarked Rep Irwin. “Now that this new tax on seniors is here, I want residents to know how this affects them.”

The new tax structure represents a major shift: instead of a tax base that includes businesses and individuals, taxpayers must now pay a great deal more for state government programs and services. Proponents of the new law added an appropriation, preventing Michiganders from challenging the law by voter referendum under the state Constitution.

“It was troubling to see such major changes coming through the Legislature last year, changes that will hurt middle-class, working families,” said Rutledge. “Now that the new law is in effect, people are starting to feel the pain. We’re hearing from constituents, loud and clear, that this shift is simply unfair.”

Approximately 75 members of the Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti community attended the event at Washtenaw Community College in the Morris Lawrence Building. There was a robust discussion on the recent changes to the pension law and how those changes affect Michigan’s working class families.

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