Construction on the I-75 Modernization Project commenced in 2016 under then-Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson. Since then, the increased construction and traffic noise, in addition to the removal of vegetation and other natural sound barriers, have negatively impacted residents along the I-75 corridor. 

In 2019, during her first year in office, Rep. Kuppa successfully advocated along with local constituents for a new sound wall to protect a residential area negatively impacted by the I-75 noise pollution. In 2020, Rep. Kuppa received further requests for additional sound wall segments. However, MDOT reported to Rep. Kuppa that these areas failed to meet state and federal requirements for noise mitigation measures. Rep. Kuppa convened a meeting between MDOT and the impacted residents in October 2020 so that residents could present their concerns to MDOT directly. 

In 2021, Rep. Kuppa successfully advocated for state funding for a new sound study that would give these impacted areas another chance to qualify for sound mitigation measures. In 2022, she hosted another presentation from concerned constituents during her January coffee hour. While no further action can be taken without the results of the sound study, Rep. Kuppa is committed to advocating for transparency in the sound study process and for additional legislative action to ensure that these areas will have the resources they need to implement their approved sound mitigation measures. 

As this effort will require collaboration between local, state, and federal officials and departments, Rep. Kuppa welcomes your stories and input on this issue. This will help her demonstrate to the relevant parties the need for these noise mitigation measures, which will preserve our neighbors’ quality of life.