State Representative Brian Banks (D-Harper Woods) announced today that he is proud of recent legislative initiatives that aid the city of Detroit and its residents, and mentioned that he is increasingly hopeful for the city’s future. Yesterday, the Michigan Senate passed nine bills associated with Detroit’s Grand Bargain that Banks had previously voted for in the state House. The legislative package is now on its way to the governor for his signature.

“I am proud that the Michigan Legislature recognized a need to help Detroit exit bankruptcy swiftly, and I am hopeful for the city’s future,” Banks said. “My biggest responsibility as a state representative is ensuring my constituents are protected and well taken care of. With the passage of the Grand Bargain, and the bill to strike Driver Responsibility Fees, I believe the Legislature is finally making strides to permanently better the city of Detroit.”

Along with the passage of the Grand Bargain bills, another bill co-sponsored by Banks aimed at helping Detroiters, House Bill 5501, was also recently passed out of the state House. The bill, in conjunction with HB 5414, will bring an end to the controversial fees associated with the Driver Responsibility Act.

“Detroiters are already making extremely costly car insurance payments, and the Driver Responsibility Fees weighed heavily on many Detroit drivers. I am glad to see them on their way out of the Michigan law books,” said Banks. “The Legislature is finally starting to pay attention to the city of Detroit and its residents’ needs, and I could not be happier or more hopeful for our city.”