State Representative Brian Banks (D-Harper Woods) responded today to the reinstatement of Tiffani Eaton a Pershing High School teacher who was fired following an April 30 fight between two students in her Education Achievement Authority-controlled classroom – saying that is not enough.

“Tiffani is a well-qualified and outstanding educator, devoted and single mother of two, and active member of the Detroit community. When breaking up a violent fight in her underfunded and poorly sourced classroom, Tiffani did what was necessary to protect her students,” said Banks. “I am appalled that the EAA would even consider letting one of its best educators go, especially when there have been reports that the system is failing its students. Tiffani did not deserve the treatment that was handed to her by EAA authorities, and this is just one more reason why the experimental EAA needs to come to an end.”

Following the incident, Eaton received an outpouring of support from the community, and even gained national attention. EAA authorities offered Eaton her position back, along with retroactive pay from the date of her dismissal. She was also given the option of moving to another school. Banks said this is insufficient.

“I am calling for the absolute dismantling of the EAA in Michigan. This entity is failing at providing a safe education for our students, and it is stripping our community members of their dignity,” said Banks. “The experimental EAA is destroying our local public schools, putting more power with Lansing bureaucrats and forcing taxpayers to foot the bill for more corporate-run, for-profit charter and cyber schools. We have had enough of this experimental education system. It must be put to an end.”