“There was an awful lot of rhetoric and platitudes about working together, but I didn’t hear anything in this address that translates to a policy that helps the average Michigan resident,” Rep. David Rutledge (D-Ypsilanti) said after hearing Gov. Rick Snyder’s annual State of the State address in Lansing Wednesday.

“The state government should be focused on getting Michigan residents the best value for every dollar they invest in our state. That means the state government should adequately support our local units of governments, so that basic public safety and security are not compromised. For example, reducing revenue sharing payments and eliminating the Personal Property Tax means a hidden tax increase on all Michigan residents, and it tantamount to forcing local units of government to fight with one hand tied behind their back. ‘Best value’ also means that education at all levels should be well supported and funded. Recent changes to state law relaxing restrictions on charter and cyber schools in Michigan will erode much-needed support to community-governed schools, and could severely compromise the public education system in the long term. Unfortunately, although the Governor’s remarks sounded like he wants bipartisanship and collaboration, his track record of last-minute fl ip-flops and insider deals leaves something to be desired as we move into the new legislative session,” the representative said.