Late into the evening yesterday, the House passed legislation that would eliminate the statewide cap on charter schools and make a number of other changes that endanger our public system of community-governed schools. If enacted, this bill opens the floodgates for profit-based companies to come into Michigan, leech state resources for public schools, and operate without proper oversight by state government. This bill is bad for community-governed schools, as it will exhaust already-depleted state resources. The bill is bad for the high-quality charter schools in Michigan, as it gives profit-hungry companies a huge incentive to come into our state and start up new charters without proper controls. Worst of all, this bill is bad for Michigan children and their families, and for the long-term future of our state. In the name of giving people choice, this bill fails to address quality, and perpetuates – or worse, perpetrates – bad choices for students in Michigan.