LANSING – “Today, the Legislature approved the final version of the tax plan Governor Snyder has been advocating for during the last two months. I was hopeful at the promise of some compromise; instead of eliminating the EITC and the Brownfield credit program, the Republican legislative leadership agreed to scale back the EITC and save Brownfield credits. But I was deeply disappointed at many of the other provisions of the plan, such as the pension tax and eliminating any business taxes for most types of businesses in the state. I fear that this tax plan will have devastating impacts on all Michigan residents, and for that reason voted against the plan at every opportunity. I was inspired to come to Lansing to help move our state forward and to improve the way Michigan state government interacts with residents. But today, Republicans’ final stamp of approval was placed on a tax plan that allows the budget to be balanced on the backs of retirees, working families, and children.”