“It was a refreshing change of pace this morning in Gov. Rick Snyder’s budget presentation to learn that he’s interested in restoring funding to certain areas — particularly, funding for local school districts, transportation infrastructure and higher education. My Democratic colleagues and I have been fighting Republican cuts to those areas for years. After being told year after year that deep cuts were necessary, state government finds itself with a “surplus,” which is nothing more than the result of over-cutting and poor governing decisions. Now that it’s time for some relief from painful cuts, this proposal is not nearly enough, and Michigan families are fed up with being told that they’re not a priority. No area in our budget is more critical to Michigan’s long-term success than education, but Gov. Snyder’s proposal would do little to help make higher education more accessible to Michigan students, or help districts struggling with day-to-day classroom costs — the plan still doesn’t address 75 percent of the $440 per pupil that has been cut since Snyder took office. This proposal is a step in the right direction, but that step is much too small.”