“Gov. Rick Snyder’s address tonight was full of lovely rhetoric and grand objectives, but Michigan residents demand results. Michigan families deserve more; we should be focusing on strengthening our public education system, investing in infrastructure and cultivating an environment for businesses to grow jobs. Instead, this Legislature has increased lobbyists’ influence on the legislative process. I do give credit to Gov. Snyder for his stated emphasis on rectifying the painful cuts that schools have suffered for the last three years, and his understanding of the importance of early childhood education programs, which yield innumerable benefits in the long term. As his constituents, we must keep our governor accountable — his words don’t always match his policies. He is supportive of assisting seniors despite the recent implementation of the new retirement tax. He wants to focus on education without sending dollars to the classroom. We must truly emphasize policies that assist those groups who most need help, and focus on the future of our great state.”