“I am glad to hear that Darnell Earley, the emergency manager for the Detroit Public Schools (DPS) since January 2015, will be stepping down at the end of this month. Given his association with the Flint water crisis, and given the recent DPS teacher sick-outs which revealed the deplorable conditions of many school buildings, there could be no real progress on fixing Detroit schools as long as he remained in charge.

“Now that Mr. Earley is leaving, Gov. Rick Snyder has the option to seek input on how best to construct a transition plan that will return the district back to local control. Mr. Earley has been yet another failed emergency manager for DPS, and it’s time to move on and allow Detroit teachers, administrators and parents to resume control of their schools. To ensure that this is a transparent process and that all are held accountable, I would encourage lawmakers and the people of our communities to give their input on what they believe is best for our students and our schools.”