“As the leader of the House Detroit Caucus, I am pleased that the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals’ decision today clears the way for voters to vote a straight-ticket ballot in November. Denying voters this option would have created long lines that would likely keep some voters away from the polls because of work or other commitments. The decision today, along with Judge Gershwin Drain’s injunction against the law banning straight-ticket voting, is a strike against those who would rig the electoral process and try to keep African-Americans, who are heavy users of the straight-ticket option, from exercising their right to vote. The courts are right. Michiganders who have twice before voted to keep the straight-ticket option are right. And now it’s time for Attorney General Bill Schuette and Secretary of State Ruth Johnson to drop their appeals and let clerks go forward with finalizing and printing the November ballots.