We are not able to address requests from outside our district at this time. If you do not live in our district or are unsure, please use this tool to confirm your state representative.

    Please submit this form to the UIA. A representative from the Unemployment Insurance Agency will call you back from the following number: 866-500-0017.

    When an individual files a claim for unemployment insurance, they will receive a written Monetary Determination letter. If you receive this letter (Form UIA 1575C) and you have not applied for unemployment benefits, or the name on the form is not yours, you may be a victim of identity theft. If this happens, contact the UIA immediately online.

    To report identity theft, go to Michigan.gov/UIA and scroll down to the Report Identity Theft link.

    To report fraud, go to Michigan.gov/UIA and scroll down to the Report Fraud link.

    You can also report fraud or identity theft by calling the UIA Customer Service Hotline at 1-866-500-0017. However, please note that due to increased call volumes, filing online will be much faster than calling the hotline.

    More tips on how to prevent unemployment identity theft in Michigan are available online