Economic Development and Small Business
Energy, Communications and Technology
Health Policy
Regulatory Reform
Tax Policy (Chair)

State Representative Cynthia R. Neeley is a Democrat serving her second full term in the Michigan House of Representatives. She won a partial term to the Michigan House in March 2020 due to a special election, to fill the vacated House District 34, and now is representative for House District 70, which encompasses the city of Flint. Representative Neeley is honored to serve as Chair of the Tax Policy Committee and member of the Committees on Regulatory Reform; Health Policy; Energy, Communications, and Technology; Economic Development and Small Business.

Representative Neeley’s focus is on:

  • Ensuring clean drinking water for every resident in Michigan.
  • Increasing access to affordable health care.
  • Appropriately funding our schools.
  • Ensuring fair wages for all.
  • Job training and skill development initiatives.
  • Crime prevention and gun safety.

Representative Neeley takes pride in community activism by attending local events and continuing to reach out to community leaders, activists and residents throughout House District 70.

In her first few months in office, she introduced several bills successfully and passed two bills of which the governor signed into law, her legislation on financed convention centers throughout Michigan, and decriminalized certain driving offenses.

As a small business owner, Representative Neeley understands the great importance of small businesses and recognizes their significant impact on sustaining a thriving economy and community.

Representative Neeley graduated from Star City High School in Star City, Arkansas. She moved to Flint and attended Mott Community College, where she received her cosmetology license.

Representative Neeley proudly resides in Flint with her husband – Flint Mayor Sheldon Neeley – and their two daughters. She is an active member of her community and a member of Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church.

In keeping with her commitment to community and accessibility, Representative Neeley encourages constituents to reach out to her by calling (517) 373-0834 or emailing