Wayne County (part)

    • Detroit city (part)
      • That portion of the city beginning at Five Pts. and Grand River, southeast on Grand River to Dale, north on Dale to W. 7 Mile Rd., east on W. 7 Mile Rd. to Lahser, south on Lahser to Pickford, east on Pickford to Pierson, north on Pierson to W. 7 Mile Rd., east on W. 7 Mile Rd. to Fielding, north on Fielding to St. Martins, east on St. Martins to Vaughan, south on Vaughan to W. 7 Mile Rd., east on W. 7 Mile Rd. to Wyoming, south on Wyoming to W. McNichols Rd., east on W. McNichols Rd. to Coyle, south on Coyle to Puritan, east on Puritan to Lauder, south on Lauder to Pilgrim, east on Pilgrim to Marlowe, north on Marlowe to Puritan, east on Puritan to Ward, south on Ward to Keeler, east on Keeler to Meyers, south on Meyers to Lyndon, west on Lyndon to Ardmore, south on Ardmore to Jeffries Freeway, southwest on Jeffries Freeway to Lauder, north on Lauder to Tyler, west on Tyler to Terry, north on Terry to Grand River, northwest on Grand River to Greenfield, south on Greenfield to Schoolcraft, west on Schoolcraft to Southfield Freeway, south on Southfield Freeway to C&ORR, west on C&ORR to Evergreen, south on Evergreen to Fullerton, west on Fullerton to Telegraph, north on Telegraph to Puritan, west on Puritan to Five Pts., north on Five Pts. to Grand River, the point of beginning.