LANSING — Gov. Whitmer outlined her 2019-20 fiscal year budget proposal for a joint session of the House and Senate Appropriations committees. In response, state Rep. Sarah Anthony (D-Lansing, Democratic Vice Chair of  Appropriations Higher Education and Community Colleges subcommittee, issued the following statement:

“Governor Whitmer recommended a budget that finally prioritizes the people of Michigan and the serious challenges they face. I am excited to see a proposed 3 percent increase in funding for both higher education and community colleges. This investment is a critical step toward ensuring all Michiganders are equipped with the skills and training they need to get ahead. The MI Opportunity Scholarship and Michigan Reconnect Program also serve as strong examples of how we, as a state, need to provide the tools to empower all individuals to obtain postsecondary education or credentials.

“This executive recommendation demonstrates a renewed commitment to transparency and good governance.  Michiganders deserve to know where our tax dollars are going and by cementing clear divisions between the General Fund, School Aid Fund, and transportation budget we will finally end the shell game and set Michigan up for a stable financial future.

“Michigan is indeed at a crossroads. My primary goal as state representative is to set my constituents up for success, a goal that will remain out of reach until we improve our education system and fix our water and transportation infrastructure. The math clearly shows we need new revenue to right the ship and move our state forward—the challenge is making sure we fill the holes without expecting working families to foot the bill. I look forward to working with my colleagues on both sides of the aisle to help the Governor strike that balance and accomplish her goals for Michigan.”