When it comes to transparency and accountability, our state government has a major problem that needs to be fixed if we want to restore public trust in government. Recently, we have seen, once again, the problems that come when government makes decisions in a shroud of secrecy with little oversight or accountability to the public it is supposed to serve. That’s why House Democrats are calling for an expansion of the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) to include the Legislature and the governor’s office.

If local municipalities and counties must comply with this law, then the Legislature and governor should as well. There is no reason Michigan should operate in the dark when it comes to the public’s right to know about how their government makes decisions. When we don’t appear transparent and accessible, we look like we have something to hide. No constituent should feel that way of their legislator or governor.

Secrecy cannot continue to be business as usual in the state Legislature and governor’s office going forward. Expanding the FOIA law to the Legislature and governor will help ensure that government acts in the public’s best interest.

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