LANSING — House Democratic Leader Tim Greimel (D-Auburn Hills) today called on State Attorney General Bill Schuette to renounce his role in passing Public Act 249 of 1995, the law that granted unique immunity to drug companies that harm or kill people, after Schuette asked for the Court of Appeals to empanel a multi-county grand jury to investigate the recent meningitis outbreak.

“It’s jaw-dropping that one of the co-sponsors of SB 344 that gave big corporations like drug companies immunity from prosecution for harming and killing individuals is now asking the Court of Appeals to investigate the outbreak that killed 14 people in Michigan,” Greimel said.

The nationwide meningitis outbreak began in November 2012 and has sickened over 250 Michiganders to date. The source of the outbreak was traced back to tainted steroid injections distributed by the Massachusetts-based New England Compounding Center.

Greimel added, “the Attorney General is charged with being the people’s lawyer, but in this case, it’s obvious that Bill Schuette is more concerned about whitewashing his own advocacy for the drug companies and big corporations than working for the people of Michigan.”