“Today’s bipartisan budget agreement is a positive development as we look to our new, post-COVID-19 reality. Our state, along with the rest of the country, is facing a significant revenue shortfall that must be addressed while still providing critical resources to our students, educators and communities. Setting a budget that incorporates CARES Act dollars where they are needed most is a great first step to getting back on track, but we must be ready to continue the work to address the needs of our state as our changing situation unfolds.

“Though today’s budget agreement makes the most of resources available to us now, we will need further assistance to ensure the programs and services Michiganders rely on will not be subject to steep cuts. To carry us through the next year and beyond, we will need greater support from Congress.

“As the Legislature finalizes the details of a supplemental bill, I look forward to continuing the discussion of how we can not only recover but emerge stronger than before.”