LANSING — State Rep. Henry Yanez (D-Sterling Heights) heard from residents who packed the room at the Sterling Heights Senior Center for his listening tour town hall last night. Residents focused on bread-and-butter issues such as education, roads and the cost of utilities like water and electricity.

“I am encouraged that so many of my constituents came to my town hall last night and shared their concerns about their kids’ education, the state of our roads, and the cost of the utilities that we can’t live without,” said Yanez.

Yanez spent two hours with about 100 people telling him that they want their kids to have access to a good public education. Attendees also asked about the status of the 2015 Republican-passed roads plan now that potholes are appearing in roads across the state. Residents also expressed their dismay over electric and water rates.

“It’s good to hear directly from constituents about what they want me to focus on in Lansing,” said Yanez. “My colleagues and I will continue our fight to fully fund our public schools, as a study done last year revealed that they are underfunded by $1,200 per pupil. As the state budget discussions get underway, I will fight to see that we fund desperately needed road repairs.”

“We also need to remember that utility costs can be a struggle for hard working families,” said Yanez. “Water and electricity shut-offs are a danger for families, so we need to do more to ensure that assistance is available and that we are sharing how to get that help with all of our constituents.”

Yanez said that he looks forward to continuing the conversation with residents through his two regular coffee hours each month and future district events.