LANSING — State Rep. Isaac Robinson (D-Detroit) celebrated the signing of House Bill 4325 today.  The bill was introduced earlier this year to resolve ambiguity over which licensed mental health professionals can diagnose patients and the counseling and psychotherapy techniques they can use. HB 4325’s enactment means that licensed professional counselors keep doing their vital work in their communities and keep mental health services accessible. In response to the bill signing, Rep. Robinson issued the following statement:

“Licensed Professional Counselors and their allies rose up in one of the largest grassroots advocacy efforts Lansing has seen in years because of their deep commitment and concern for those who need counseling. Our communities depend on LPCs because they are on the frontline of the mental health crisis and work in the trenches. When this issue was brought to my attention by some of my constituents and graduate students from Wayne State University, I fought hard for this legislation because it is a matter of life and death. Recognizing and treating mental health issues is difficult enough — we should not be complicating this process any further. I am pleased Gov. Whitmer agrees that LPCs play a vital role in our communities. I was honored to stand beside these local heroes fighting for their right to provide desperately needed professional mental health services to their clients.”