“Heartbroken is not a strong enough word to describe how I feel after the devastating violence inflicted upon the campus of Michigan State University. It is absolutely disturbing that, as a nation, we are continuing to let this happen. Time and time again, including in my own district, without warning and with regularity, the peace of our communities is broken by senseless violence.

“The freedom to kill should not be more important than the freedom to live and learn in peace. We deserve to live a life free from the terror of mass casualties and daily gun violence. As legislators, we have a responsibility to protect our communities and do something when tragedy strikes. This time, and once again, far too close to home.

“As a member of the Michigan Firearm Safety and Violence Prevention Caucus, I can tell you that several proactive policies will be introduced — and I intend to call on all my colleagues to take decisive action to prevent future tragedies. We must take concrete steps to prevent future violence.  If we can’t act now, then when? When will it finally be enough to do something? Our young adults and our communities have waited too long and have seen nothing but endless talk and platitudes. That time is over, and we will begin the work to prevent future tragedies in all our communities.”