As we all are experiencing difficult times because of the coronavirus pandemic, we must keep hope at the forefront of our minds. As of May 5, 2020, the state of Michigan has 43,950 confirmed cases in addition to 4,135 deaths as a result of COVID-19. As Gov. Gretchen Whitmer has stated, we will get through this together. Gov. Whitmer’s executive orders are protecting citizens from contracting this deadly virus. It is our duty to abide by these executive orders in order to slow the spread of COVID-19.

Most recently, Gov. Whitmer extended the “Stay at Home” executive order until May 15. This executive order establishes that all Michigan businesses and operation must suspend in-person operations that are not necessary to sustain or protect life, though some exceptions are being made to allow certain low-risk industries to start operating as our state begins to safely reopen. This includes landscaping, lawn-service companies, plant nurseries, and bike repair shops, as long as each industry continues to adhere to social-distancing rules. Stores selling nonessential supplies can also reopen for curbside pickup and delivery.

Additionally, everyone in Michigan is required to stay home unless they are deemed an essential worker, engaged in outdoor activities and low-risk recreation, or performing tasks necessary to the health and safety of themselves or their family — including grocery shopping, picking up take-out food, going to the pharmacy to pick up a prescription, or exercising safely outdoors like going hiking, walking, running, or biking.

Individuals in the state of Michigan are required to wear some sort of face covering when they enter enclosed public spaces. Also, when citizens take part in outdoor activities such as golfing (without golf carts) and motorized boating, they are allowed to travel between multiple in-state homes, though it is strongly discouraged. Employees who leave their homes to go to work must be provided, by law, a proper face covering by their employers.

Gov. Whitmer has also extended the state’s coronavirus emergency declaration as well as the state of disaster, which allows her to take actions to serve the immediate needs of Michigan residents during this crisis, until May 28, 2020.

Thank you for being patient during this pandemic. It has not been easy, but we will get through this together. Please do not hesitate to contact my office again if you have any further questions or concerns. You may contact my office at (517) 373-1771 or by email at

Ronnie Peterson
State Representative
54th House District