News From Rep. Camilleri

Thursday, February 23, 2017

“Responsible tax relief for working families must be a top priority for legislators in Lansing. There was nothing responsible about this bill, which would have given an enormous tax cut to millionaires and billionaires that would have been funded by dramatic cuts to townships and cities across our state. That’s why I offered an amendment to House Bill 4001 that would have ensured tax relief for the working men and women who need it most...

Rep. Camilleri offers an amendment to House Bill 4001
Rep. Camilleri offers an amendment to House Bill 4001
Wednesday, February 15, 2017

BROWNSTOWN TOWNSHIP — State Rep. Darrin Camilleri (D-Brownstown Township) hosted a community meeting on Monday to discuss how drinking water is treated and delivered, and to hear a report from the Great Lakes Water Authority about last month’s water quality issues. About 50 people attended the meeting, including local elected officials from Downriver communities. State Reps. Cara Clemente (D-Lincoln Park), Erika Geiss (D-Taylor) and Frank Liberati (D-Allen Park) were Camilleri’s guests for the event.


Tuesday, January 31, 2017

LANSING — State Rep. Darrin Camilleri (D-Brownstown Township) introduced legislation today that would repeal the tax on seniors’ retirement that went into effect in 2012. House Bill 4132 will help seniors living on a fixed income afford a secure retirement, instead of having to choose between buying groceries and paying for medication. The bill was sent to the House Tax Policy Committee.

“Michiganders who played by the rules and planned for their retirement had the...

Monday, January 30, 2017

LANSING — State Rep. Darrin Camilleri (D-Brownstown Township) applauded the efforts of General Motors Co. and Honda after their announcement of a groundbreaking partnership to innovate fuel-cell system manufacturing in Brownstown Township.

“I am excited by the announcement of up to 100 new jobs in my hometown of Brownstown. This investment is more evidence that Downriver manufacturing is strong and continuing to grow,” Camilleri said in support of the project at a Michigan Strategic Fund...

Thursday, January 26, 2017

LANSING — State Rep. Darrin Camilleri (D-Brownstown Township) announced today that he received his committee assignments for the 2017-18 legislative term. Camilleri will serve on the House Committees on Education, Energy, and Commerce and Trade.

“I’m excited to receive these committee assignments so we can finally get to work hearing testimony and voting on legislation,” Camilleri said. “I look forward to using my position on these committees to advocate for policies that will benefit the...