ST. JOSEPH, Mich., June 16, 2023 — Michigan’s unemployment rate fell to 3.7% in May, remaining below 4% for only the third period in nearly 50 years. Michigan’s labor force increased by 26,000, reaching 60.5 percent this month, the highest since July 2020. The state recorded 4,440,000 payroll jobs, an increase of 15,000 over the month and 82,000 over the year. These numbers indicate an overall positive upward economic trend for Michigan. State Rep. Joey Andrews (D-St. Joseph) issued the following statement on the historically low unemployment numbers: 

“Last November, Michiganders chose legislative leaders with a bold, new vision for the Great Lakes State, and this session has moved at lightning speed to achieve that vision. Michigan Democrats have prioritized legislation that directly impacts Michiganders and their everyday lives by lowering taxes for working families, expanding workers’ rights and restoring personal freedoms. Our successes are evident with yesterday’s announcement that, once again, Michigan’s unemployment rate has fallen and our labor force increased. We have proven that when we invest in our workers AND our businesses, our economy will thrive.” 

Since gaining control in Lansing this year, Michigan Democrats have been working to solve the issues that matter most to Michiganders by spurring a vigorous economy, cutting taxes, creating good-paying jobs and bringing the unemployment rate down to a historic low.