I have great news about my plan to create Tax Equality by enacting a graduated income tax that would cut taxes for 95% of Michiganders and raise up to $760 million in new revenue to invest in education, roads and communities.

66% of those polled statewide said they support it. Every region of the state expressed very strong support:

61% in West Michigan
82% in Northern Michigan
66% in Wayne County
63% in Oakland County
62% in Macomb County

For those who are unfamiliar with my plan, our state currently has a flat income tax of 4.25%, but when you look at all state and local taxes, low- and middle-income families are relied on far too heavily to fund local and state government.

My plan would cut taxes for single filers with less than $80,000 in taxable income and joint filers with less than $160,000 in taxable income, 95% of all Michiganders. Taxable income is the income left after you deduct your federal taxes, the $4,000 personal exemption for each household member and all other deductions.

This plan would produce real results for low- and middle-income families who have seen their taxes increase by more than $2 billion a year since 2012.


My plan would create Tax Equality in Michigan by ensuring everyone does their part to invest in our state’s future.

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Universal Background Checks for purchasing firearms

I’m also proud to have the support of over 30 of my colleagues in introducing legislation to require universal background checks for the purchase of all firearms. Polling show that 86% of Michiganders support universal background checks.

Everyone purchasing a firearm should be cleared by a background check

As always, please feel free to contact my office if I can be of assistance in anyway.