LANSING — After a closed session, the Michigan Civil Rights Commission voted recently to formally reprimand the state’s Department of Civil Rights Director, Agustin Arbulu, for making inappropriate comments objectifying women and creating an offensive work environment. Last week, it was revealed the comments included remarks about his daughter. In response, House Democratic Caucus Chair Sarah Anthony (D-Lansing) is calling for his resignation, and has issued the following statement:


“The Director of the Michigan Department of Civil Rights serves as a leader for an organization that is integral to ensuring every person in Michigan feels safe and welcome while at work, school and in public spaces. Arbulu’s behavior and comments have illustrated that he is not fit to exercise this responsibility, and I am deeply disturbed by the Commission’s choice to retain him in this position despite the findings of their investigation. We must hold our leaders accountable for their actions to truly protect the safety and rights of all Michiganders, which is why I am calling on the director to resign immediately.”