LANSING — Last week, the United Auto Workers (UAW) began a nationwide strike against General Motors following the expiration of the union contract, with workers fighting for fair wages, affordable health care and job security. As discussions with GM continue, striking UAW members do not have access to their regular wages, leading to temporary hardship for many workers and their families. The Lansing area is home to two GM plants that together employ approximately 4,000 UAW members. Today, state Rep. Sarah Anthony (D-Lansing) met with local business leaders to encourage them to join together in offering discounts to UAW members on strike.

“I am proud to be the daughter of two UAW members, so I understand through my own family’s experiences the importance of joining together to fight for positive work conditions and the ability to build a happy, healthy and successful life,” said Anthony. “As these courageous UAW strikers persevere through this temporary hardship, they still have bills to pay, mouths to feed, and a future to worry about. I’m optimistic that our local businesses will join together to support thousands of our neighbors who contribute greatly to our community as the strike continues.”

Numerous greater Lansing businesses have already started to offer discounts to UAW members and their families during the strike, including Royal Scot Golf & Bowl, Sidebar East Lansing, Toarmina’s Pizza and the People’s Kitchen. The nationwide strike entered its 11th day while negotiations continue.