LANSING — House Democrats announced their Supporting MI Veterans legislative package this week, aimed at increasing support for former servicemembers in Michigan. As part of the package, state Rep. Sarah Anthony (D-Lansing) introduced House Bill 5236 to provide a waiver for fees associated with a variety of teaching certificates and associated renewal costs for veterans, or the spouse of a veteran or current member serving in the military.

“Unfortunately, so many of our veterans experience difficulties during and after their transition back to civilian life when seeking employment, and that’s especially true for those trying to secure occupational licenses that typically have fees associated with them,” said Anthony. “After serving and sacrificing so much for our country, it’s up to all of us to ensure we are fully supporting our veterans, their families and their ability to thrive in our state. Reducing barriers for veterans and their spouses is an important step we must take to ensure qualified teachers have one less obstacle in their path to employment and can continue their great work with students across Michigan.”

The Supporting MI Veterans package, including Anthony’s HB 5236, provides comprehensive support for former servicemembers in Michigan, including waiving teaching license and medical record fees, providing property tax credits and free public transportation, and creating a special hotline for reporting instances of abuse, neglect or exploitation. Building upon her bill in the Supporting MI Veterans package, Anthony is also working on legislation to require state departments to approve occupational licensing applications from veterans on an expedited timeline of 30 days.