LANSING, Mich., Oct. 8, 2021 — At the opening of the new Michigan State Police facility in Grand Rapids, Gov. Whitmer proposed a $6.3 million investment to enhance public safety. The proposal is part of the larger $75 million MI Safe Communities, a framework that takes a multifaceted approach to reducing gun violence and addressing its root causes. State Reps. Sarah Anthony (D-Lansing) and Kara Hope (D-Holt) issued the following statement:

“The problems of gun violence and crime are incredibly complex. There’s no easy fix, no one-size-fits all solution. That’s why we applaud Gov. Whitmer’s leadership on this issue. This proposal gives first responders the resources they need to do their difficult jobs effectively. It enhances their training to improve relations between officers and the communities they serve. It will fund courts to ensure that cases are processed swiftly. It will also address the root causes of violence by expanding economic opportunity in low-income communities, offering counseling and peer support, and increasing social services. Just last month, Gov. Whitmer also signed a budget into law that includes funding for The Advance Peace Peacemaker Fellowship, which prevents gun violence through community-based mentorship. Other cities have seen their rates of violence plummet after the implementation of this program, and we are optimistic about its impact on Lansing and Ingham County. Today’s proposal, along with the recent budget, is clear evidence that Gov. Whitmer understands well how complex these issues are and how comprehensive our response needs to be. We are grateful to have her in the governor’s office.”