LANSING, Mich., March 24, 2022 — The Michigan House of Representatives passed Senate Bill 565 today, putting billions of dollars to work in communities across the state. State Rep. Sarah Anthony (D-Lansing) voted in support of the bill, highlighting the over $2.2 billion investment in water infrastructure. She issued the following statement:

“This additional funding is a wise investment in our state. It addresses some of our most pressing problems. We’ve seen that lead pipes still pose grave threats to public health: This budget ramps up our historic efforts to eradicate lead with an additional investment of well over $100 million. It devotes tens of millions of dollars to addressing the threats posed by new contaminants. We all know that polluted drinking water and failing water infrastructure doesn’t affect every community alike: This bill includes over $40 million that will directly support disadvantaged communities. This plan sets the right priorities for Michigan.”