LANSING — The United Auto Workers called for a nationwide strike against General Motors following the expiration of the union contract at midnight on Saturday after talks stalled in the negotiation process. In response, state Rep. Sarah Anthony (D-Lansing) issued the following statement:


“As a daughter of two UAW members, I stand in solidarity with our Lansing residents and those across the state and nation in their fight for better wages, more affordable health care and increased job security. The UAW has a significant presence in our community, with 4,000 autoworker members right here in Lansing. I join those who are striking in their demands for positive work conditions. Our workers deserve access to all the tools they need to build the happy, healthy and successful lives they deserve. I hope these negotiations end swiftly and fairly for our UAW brothers and sisters; but until that happens, I pledge my support to them in this endeavor and beyond.”