LANSING — State Rep. Sarah Anthony (D-Lansing) introduced House Resolution 106 last Thursday to commemorate the 160th anniversary of the founding of the city of Lansing. Rep. Anthony’s resolution will take effect on 517 Day, based on the capital city’s area code and celebrated on May 17 each year.

“I am one of the few lucky elected officials that can look out of their office window at the Legislature and be checking in on the district and constituents I serve,” Anthony said. “Lansing is a vibrant, diverse and distinct community with its own flavor and personality. 517 Day gives us a great opportunity to recognize the contributions the community of Lansing has offered to the entire state of Michigan in the 140 years it has served as its capital.”

Incorporated in 1859, Lansing became the home to the state Capitol since 1879. In 1992, the National Park Service designated Michigan’s Capitol a National Historic Landmark, making it one of only thirteen capitol buildings with this designation in the country. Lansing currently stands as the fifth largest city in Michigan, with 116,986 residents. With over 30 neighborhood associations and more than 60 faith-based communities, each draws residents with a wide variety of backgrounds, racial identities and cultural ethnicities to the city.