LANSING — Yesterday the Michigan Strategic Fund approved a $1.5 million Michigan Community Revitalization Program performance-based grant that will be used to support Lansing’s Capital City Market project, which will help to build, among other developments, a grocery store in the downtown area. In response, state Rep. Sarah Anthony (D-Lansing) issued the following statement:

“The residents of Lansing were really the driving force behind this project. Having access to fresh food is a game-changer for so many young professionals and longtime community members. It was about a year ago that Mayor Schor got the ball rolling on this project during his time as a legislator by introducing House Bill 4207, and now we are seeing his efforts come to fruition. It just goes to show what we can accomplish when we collaborate across industries — this initiative would not have been possible without the support and ingenuity of a diverse coalition of legislators, state agencies, and private sector stakeholders. It’s been a long time coming, and I know I speak for other lifelong residents when I say it’s high time we had an easily accessible grocery store.”