Bipartisan resolution recognizes economic, cultural impact of minor-league teams on host communities

LANSING — State Rep. Sarah Anthony (D-Lansing) introduced a House resolution today with bipartisan support to urge Major League Baseball (MLB) to continue its support for minor-league baseball teams after it announced plans to end affiliations with 29 minor-league teams and completely eliminate 13 other teams. While none of Michigan’s three minor-league baseball teams, including the Lansing Lugnuts, would be affected under the plan proposed by MLB, the resolution recognizes the potential for future cuts that could impact these local teams.

“The importance of minor-league baseball teams goes far beyond bringing neighbors together on a beautiful summer day at the ballpark,” said Anthony. “These teams are also major economic drivers for  communities like ours, providing employment opportunities and tax revenue, as well as drawing attention to local businesses. Lansing would not be the same without the Lugnuts, which is why it’s so important to voice our support for the 42 communities with teams facing the chopping block.”

Michigan’s three minor-league baseball teams include the West Michigan White Caps, Great Lakes Loons and the Lansing Lugnuts. Since its formation in 1996, nearly 800 baseball players have played for the Lugnuts, with roughly 20 percent having continued on to play major league baseball.