LANSING — State Rep. Padma Kuppa (D-Troy) introduced House Bill 4807 yesterday as part of a bipartisan package to allow entities to install and operate electric vehicle (EV) charging stations in Michigan. HB 4806 was also introduced by state Rep. Andrea Schroeder as part of the package to create the necessary guidelines for the Public Service Commission to regulate the licensing for operators of these new stations.

“These bills will bring Michigan’s rich automotive infrastructure into the 21st century by making it easier than ever to drive an electric vehicle in our state,” said Kuppa. “These bills create an opportunity for us to protect our natural resources and reduce our impact on the climate, while also promoting the infrastructure we need for a clean energy economy. I’m proud to work with my colleagues on both sides of the aisle on bipartisan legislation that is so essential to the future of our state.”

If enacted, this legislation would incentivize large retailers and other companies to install EV stations based on the opportunity to charge consumers for their electricity use. To ensure consumer transparency, the bills also require retailers to clearly display the rate per minute or hour of payment required to use the EV charging station.