LANSING, Mich., Nov. 9, 2021 — The House Transportation Committee voted today to approve House Bills 498384. The bipartisan bill package would ensure that child safety seat regulations in Michigan are based on the federal and manufacturer recommendations of height and weight instead of age alone. It would also allow civil infraction fines for failure to properly install or use a child safety seat to be waived if the driver provides evidence that a seat was later installed and inspected by a child passenger safety technician.

“Child safety should always be a priority in our state and nationwide,” said state Rep. Cara A. Clemente (D-Lincoln Park), the sponsor of HB 4984. “This bill package will save lives and provide drivers the opportunity to learn from their mistakes — ensuring that more drivers understand the correct use of and need for a safety and booster seat.”

After passing in the House Transportation Committee, the bipartisan package awaits a final House vote.