LANSING — Today, the Michigan House of Representatives passed a bipartisan plan to promote independence for adults receiving community mental health services. Included in the package were House Bills 5505, 5506 and 6400. HB 5505, introduced by state Rep. Frank Liberati (D-Allen Park), which amends the Adult Foster Care Licensing Act to ensure that individuals receiving community mental health services have the freedom to live independently. Currently, if these Michiganders want to live on their own, their residence is required to be licensed by the state as an adult foster care facility.

“Every person should have the opportunity to live a free and independent life,” said Rep. Liberati. “These common-sense reforms will eliminate unnecessary red tape that prevents adults who receive mental health services from living independently. I am proud my colleagues were able to work in a bipartisan manner toward the common goal of providing Michiganders the freedom and self-determination they deserve.”

HB 5506 amends the Adult Foster Care Licensing Act to transition the cost of criminal background checks for foster care employees from the state’s taxpayers to the foster care facilities while ensuring qualified individuals are caring for some of our most vulnerable residents. The bill also establishes best practices for LARA investigations into violations of the Act.