LANSING — House Democratic Leader Sam Singh (D-East Lansing) introduced a bipartisan resolution today calling on Gov. Rick Snyder to join a multi-state climate alliance observing the tenets of the Paris climate accord. Last week, President Donald Trump announced his intention to withdraw the United States from the historic agreement. When the United States withdraws from the Paris agreement, it will join only two other world nations — Nicaragua and Syria — that have not agreed to standards to combat global climate change.

 “President Trump may have taken a giant step backward when he withdrew from the Paris accord last week, but that doesn’t mean our state has to go back in time with him,” Rep. Singh said. “From automotive companies that have led the way in electric cars and low-emission vehicles to innovative renewable fuel companies, Michigan has emerged as an engine that can drive the world forward in addressing climate change. Our citizens cannot afford for the state to give up its reputation as a leader of innovation, which is why we must maintain the tenets of the Paris accord, no matter what President Trump has decided to do.”

The president’s decision to walk away from the Paris agreement has been met with disappointment, derision and anger across the country and around the globe. Business leaders, including Michigan-based Dow Chemical Co. and Kellogg Co., expressed concerns with leaving the accord. Several cities and states have since banded together in a multi-state alliance vowing to uphold the Paris climate agreement despite Trump’s decision.

“If Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker — a Republican — can go against President Trump’s ill-advised decision to leave the Paris accord, then so can, and so should, our Gov. Rick Snyder,” Rep. Singh said. “Our global environment is more important than politics. It’s time to set aside partisan bickering and do what’s right for our planet, our children and our grandchildren.”