LANSING — Gov. Gretchen Whitmer signed House Bills 4129-32 this afternoon, reforming the parole procedure for medically frail, non-violent inmates with a permanent physical disability or serious medical condition. Over recent years, the Michigan Department of Corrections budget has soared above $2 billion, largely due to costs associated with providing long-term medical care. This package will offer limited opportunities for individuals to receive care in a proper medical facility, refocusing the state’s priorities on rehabilitation and criminal justice reform while decreasing costs to taxpayers. State Rep. Kyra Bolden (D-Southfield) sponsored HB 4132, her first bill to become law since taking office in January. In response, Rep. Bolden issued the following statement:


            “I am proud to have partnered with my colleagues in the House to get this bipartisan legislation passed and signed by Gov. Whitmer. True justice is about pursuing ways to make our community whole again; but far too often, the integrity and humanity of elderly, medically frail and terminally ill inmates go overlooked. The bills signed by the governor today will allow care to those that need it, and serves as a testament to the character of our state.”