LANSING, Mich., April 25, 2023 — The Michigan Strategic Fund announced new investments today for May Mobility Inc. The Ann Arbor-based business deploys autonomous shuttles to help people get where they need to go safely, easily and utilizes more environmentally friendly means of transportation. 

“Self-driving cars have always seemed to be an idea of the future, but not anymore,” said state Rep. Felicia Brabec (D-Pittsfield). “May Mobility’s expansion will bring around $18 million in investments to the area with its autonomous shuttles and create around 300 high-wage jobs over the next three years. These investments will make our state more desirable for future investments and continue to position Michigan as the global leader in the future of electric vehicle manufacturing and mobility —- which will further strengthen our local economy.” 

May Mobility chose Michigan over competing sites in Boston, Silicon Valley, Pittsburgh and Tokyo because it has become an integral part of the Ann Arbor community. The company has developed strong relationships with the University of Michigan as well as with public and private partners. 


“The announcement also means that the busy Ann Arbor community will have a chance to fill the transportation gap, to secure rides and get around providing convenience in mobility — to seniors, the visually impaired, those who financially struggle, and those that do not or cannot obtain a license,” Brabec added. “These investments are a win to Michiganders and will continue to transform our communities for the better by providing safer mobility avenues in the process.”