LANSING, Mich., Jan. 13, 2023 — As the 102nd Michigan Legislature commenced this week, members of the Michigan House of Representatives were appointed to standing committees, subcommittees and appropriations subcommittees. State Rep. Felicia Brabec (D-Pittsfield) has been appointed chair of the Health Policy Committee Behavioral Health Subcommittee and chair of the General Government Appropriations Subcommittee.

“As the only practicing clinical psychologist in the Michigan Legislature, I have seen the need for increased mental health resources firsthand and have a unique opportunity to draw on my experience in the field to guide policy in the state,” Brabec said. “I am honored and excited to chair the Behavioral Health Subcommittee and to continue my work with Rep. Julie Rogers as she chairs the House Health Policy Committee.”

State Rep. Julie M. Rogers (D-Kalamazoo) has over two decades of experience as a practicing health care provider and physical therapist. Last term, Rogers joined Brabec as a special guest during her Mental Health Listening Tour. The representatives have previously collaborated on policies to address the growing mental health crisis in Michigan. 

“Improving and increasing access to mental health care for all Michiganders is one of my biggest priorities as a lawmaker,” Brabecid said. “Michigan is not impervious to growing health care disparities, as the past few years have indicated to mental health care workers like myself. Nevertheless, I am confident in my abilities as chair to carry out meaningful change in behavioral health while also working to decrease the stigmas surrounding mental health care in Michigan.”

Brabec was also named a member of the House Appropriations Subcommittees on Military and Veterans Affairs and State Police; Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy; and Health and Human Services.