LANSING, Mich., April 10, 2023 — State Rep. Felicia Brabec (D-Pittsfield) has been named the Chair of the newly formed Michigan Firearm Safety and Violence Prevention Caucus. With the many tragic shootings that have taken place across the country — including the most recent incident that occurred today in Louisville, Kentucky — it’s truly past time that we address this uniquely American problem.

“My heart goes out to the individuals who fell victim to this mass shooting, to their families, friends and the Louisville community. With our state’s own recent mass shooting and uptick in everyday gun violence, today’s events remind us of the continued urgent need for change. As the newly appointed chair of the Michigan Firearm Safety and Violence Prevention Caucus, I will continue in my responsibilities to make communities safer and more secure, getting illegal guns off our streets and providing the legislation and accountability our residents need and deserve. It takes collective action to make great change, let’s all do our part — I know I will.”

There have been 146 mass shootings with at least four or more people wounded or killed so far in 2023, including at Michigan State University, the Covenant School in Tennessee, the Louisville bank shooting and many more.

“I want the Louisville community to know that we are there for them, supporting them through this tragic time,” Brabec added. “In Michigan, we are not standing by doing nothing. We will continue our momentum forward to create laws that protect people and the future of this country; your grief is not in vain.”