B. Carter Black History month

Brenda Carter was joined by Carlton Jones and Pastor Douglas Jones as a speaker at the CarNav Group’s Black History Month Event.

PONTIAC, Mich., March 1, 2023 — State Rep. Brenda Carter (D-Pontiac) hosted the Michigan History Makers event on Feb. 27th. This event celebrated Black excellence by recognizing the achievements of many current Black Americans who are history makers, such as Lt. Gov. Garlin Gilchrist, the first Black lieutenant governor in the state; Speaker Joe Tate, the first Black Speaker of the Michigan House of Representatives; Justice Kyra Harris Bolden, the first Black woman serving on the Michigan Supreme Court; former Congresswoman Brenda Lawrence, first black female mayor of Southfield; and Carter.

“I was ecstatic to guest host this event to celebrate Black excellence. So many times, Black history is disregarded, but Black history is still being made to this day!” Carter said. “I am grateful to have had the opportunity to celebrate and recognize some of our most recent history makers, such as the first Black lieutenant governor, Black speaker, and Black woman to represent the 53rd state House District.”

“It was a true pleasure to have a Black History Celebration in the City of Pontiac. Our guest host, state Rep. Brenda Carter, and special guest Patricia Herndon, of the Michigan Bankers Association, came out in inclement weather to help celebrate 19 of Michigan’s Black History Makers. Mayor Tim Griemel of Pontiac said it best, ‘As we should always recognize Black History Makers of the past, it’s just as essential to acknowledge present history makers for all to know.’ I was extremely pleased to have participated in this grand celebration of the 2023 Black History Makers,” said Carlton Jones, chief executive navigator for CarNav Group.