LANSING — House Republicans passed Senate Bill 1244 today, tying the hands of the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality when it comes to protecting the people of Michigan from toxic contamination in their water. Now, more than a year after state Rep. Winnie Brinks (D-Grand Rapids) introduced her legislation to create an enforceable drinking water standard for PFAS, Gov. Snyder’s MPART has released a report confirming Michigan’s current advisory level may already be too high. In response to the passage of SB 1244, Rep. Brinks issued the following statement:

“After more than a year of inaction on the PFAS crisis in the legislature, House and Senate Republicans are choosing to end the year by tying Michigan’s hands and preventing us from working to keep our families safe. Gov. Snyder’s own task force has confirmed that the EPA advisory level may not be adequately protecting our people or our water, yet Republicans are passing last-minute legislation forcing the MDEQ to adhere to their outdated science? This bill is not just reckless policymaking, it is dangerous. Michiganders rely on their elected officials to ensure their water is safe and clean; not to rush legislation that takes us in exactly the opposite direction without any deliberation on this important issue.”