LANSING — State Rep. Julie Brixie (D-Meridian Township) repeated her call for the board and administration at Michigan State University to act in the interest of its students following Trustee Nancy Schlichting’s resignation yesterday. Schlichting stated in her resignation letter that she no longer wishes to serve on the board “after the recent decision to not go forward with the independent review.”

“Anyone who violates our trust must be held accountable by the board and administration,” said Brixie. “Our students, their families and the entire MSU community deserve nothing less. It’s unconscionable that it takes an outside investigation for action to be taken. MSU must demonstrate true responsibility for its students and their families in order for real healing to begin.”

Schlichting, the former Henry Ford Health CEO, was a unique board member without deep ties to the university. That outside perspective was well received by members of the MSU community when she was appointed.

Her term was set to expire in 2023. Gov. Gretchen Whitmer will make an appointment to replace Schlichting for the remainder of her term.

“I’m confident Gov. Whitmer will appoint someone who respects diversity, listens to survivors, and will challenge this board and administration to do the right thing,” said Brixie. “One appointee can’t change the culture at an institution such as this alone. It’s time for the board and administration to lead collectively and proactively, the university can’t continue to wait until outside parties investigate these matters.”