LANSING – State Representative Charles Brunner (Bay City) today was appointed to serve as the Minority Vice Chair of the House Agriculture Committee. The Representative spoke to how his seat on the committee can help the economy of Bay County businesses and the state as a whole.

“People often don’t realize that agriculture plays a vital role in Michigan’s economy,” said Brunner. “With our state reshaping itself for the 21st century, agriculture is poised to take an even larger role in getting Michigan back to work. I look forward to this opportunity to work with my colleagues and implementing policies to protect Michigan’s family farmers and stand up for our workers and create the jobs they need.”

Representing one of the top farming regions in Michigan, Brunner has been a strong voice for farmers and the agriculture industry in Bay County and across the state. He is also a member of the House Energy and Technology Committee and served on a special Ag Subcommittee dedicated to Agricultural Processing which made recommendations on how the state can encourage the growth of the agricultural processing industry in our borders.