LANSING — State Rep. Wendell Byrd’s (D-Detroit) House Bill 4121 was signed into law by the governor to extend the sunset on county treasurers entering into tax foreclosure avoidance agreements. Now Public Act 35 of 2019, the program set to end on June 30 of this year will not expire until 2026. These agreements allow people who have fallen behind on their taxes to have an opportunity to save their homes.

“People make mistakes and occasionally fall on hard times,” said Byrd. “We need to provide solutions so people can meet their obligations without losing their homes. Tax foreclosures can be devastating for families and communities. While it is important that counties are able to collect property taxes, we need to do so while respecting families and keeping communities intact.”

PA 35 maintains a critical program that has been successful in preventing tax foreclosure on homeowners and providing flexibility for those seeking to meet their property tax obligations.