Byrnes Floor Speech

DEARBORN, Mich., Dec. 21, 2023 — After Attorney General Dana Nessel announced charges today against Rob and Anné Minard, the chief of staff and director of external affairs for the embattled former Republican House Speaker Lee Chatfield, state Rep. Erin Byrnes (D-Dearborn), chair of the House Ethics and Oversight Committee, issued the following statement:

“With trust in government at an all-time low, it is the job of the new majority to help restore it. The actions of Attorney General Dana Nessel today will help move us in that direction. I will be monitoring any court proceedings closely to get the most complete understanding possible of whatever wrongdoing may have occurred. As chair of the Ethics and Oversight Committee and someone who understands the importance of transparency, I will continue to work with House leadership and our partners in the Senate to close the gaps in our current state laws.”