LANSING — State Rep. Sara Cambensy (D-Marquette) introduced House Bill 5093 today to protect vulnerable schools in the Upper Peninsula and secure $7 million in funding for small, isolated school districts throughout the state. The bill would include funding meant to address transportation challenges faced by districts spread over a large geographic area, as well as substantial support for five local districts in the Upper Peninsula and surrounding islands.

“Everyone is on the same page that the budget conversations need to continue. That’s why this is an issue that I started working to restore last week after speaking to school superintendents and many others in my district,” said Cambensy. “Though it’s not the only line item my district needs restored, I felt this was the first critical item needed to immediately protect our small, isolated school districts. My district and the entire U.P. has been very vocal that this funding be reinstated. I am doing everything I can to ensure that happens as soon as possible.”

Several local school districts have expressed concerns over their ability to operate if this additional funding is not secured. Cambensy’s bill would address these operational considerations and ensure districts can continue supporting Michigan’s students.